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World Ninja League (WNL)

The World Ninja League stands at the forefront of ninja obstacle course organizations, serving as the premier league for ninja competitions. Their mission is to cultivate a properly regulated sport that accommodates athletes at every level, from recreational enthusiasts to seasoned professionals. Jumptwist Ninja has been a proud WNL Facility for the past 5+ years and actively engages in hosting and organizing competitions to promote the growth and inclusivity of the sport. Our courses are designed by the best and we run a professional, fair, safe, organized and fun competition every time! Create your Ninjaworks ID

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WNL?

A competitive obstacle competition league that was founded by a Ninja Warrior Veteran and scaled by the American Ninjas who train and compete. This league has exponentially grown over the past decade bringing bigger championship events each year. The best of the best compete in this league.

How do I Sign Up?

Choose the correct age division and create your Jumptwist Ninja account to sign up and pay the athlete registration fee. Please Make Sure your WNL Waiver is updated and you have your Ninja Works ID.

Can I Spectate?

Yes! Each competitor receives 1 Complimentary Weekend Pass Spectator Ticket. If you don’t know anyone competing, you are still welcome to come and watch by paying a Spectator Entrance Fee.

What is the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2?

Tier 1 is the most competitive circuit for athletes.The athletes competing in Tier 1 have been competing for several years.Tier 2 is for athletes looking to start their competitive journey.

What is a Ninja Works ID?

This six-digit ID allows you to register for competitions, and allows all of your competition results to be tracked together.

How do you qualify for World Championships?

Each season, the World Ninja League hosts its Regionals. Regional events help athletes qualify for the WNL Championships. To summarize, each division (age/gender) will award at least 16 qualifying spots to athletes. Each division (age/gender) can award a maximum of 40 qualifiers.

Why WNL?

The best athletes in the sport of ninja are in the World Ninja League. Champions from numerous countries participate, and you can compete right alongside them! Read more.

What are Competition Formats?

There are four different formats for ninja competitions. Each format tests the athlete’s ability using a different scoring system. The different formats can be compared to the variety of events at a track and field meet or the different routines from gymnastics.

All formats focus on athletes completing obstacles. However, each ninja competition format has its own rules and standards to govern how the competitions are structured.