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Every corner of Jumptwist Ninja is crafted with purpose. Every detail is designed with you and your family in mind, creating an environment that supports growth, health, and community.



    Swift check-ins, no hassle! Our check-in kiosk lets ninjas breeze into class. Academy members with wristbands can self-check-in, heading straight into the action. Quick, easy, and ready to ninja!


    Experience 5-star support! Our Help Desk is dedicated to providing top-notch service. Approach our Member Service Associate for assistance and concerns regarding the gym, your kids, and your overall experience. Your satisfaction is our priority!

  • Lobby Gym

    Jump into a world of excitement as soon as you step through our doors! Gear up for your session with dynamic warm-ups that we refresh weekly to make sure the fun never stops. Keep the energy high and your spirits lifted – before and after class. Take this time to receive 5star service at the desk for account questions and program information.

  • Shoe Rental

    Lace-up and jump into action! Forgotten your kicks? No sweat - we've got all sizes available for rent, so you can sprint here straight from the beach or swing by after school. Ready to ninja? Academy ninjas receive free shoe rentals - talk about a win! And hey, if your party guests rolls in sneaker-less? We've got their toes covered too!


    Lost something? No worries! Our Lost and Found is here to rescue ninjas' lost chalk, water bottles, bags, sweaters, and more. Your items have a safe haven, ensuring they're not gone forever.


    Gear up like a ninja pro! Our pro shop is a treasure trove of cool items for parents and kids. Collect points from classes and Gift Cards from Ninja Night to choose what you want. It's more than just gear – it's a chance for kids to learn smart budgeting, and using points wisely. Grab your gear and proudly represent Jumptwist Ninja

  • 5 Star Bathrooms

    Step into a world where every bathroom visit turns into a symphony of purity and relaxation! 🚻✨ We're not just about spotlessness; we're about creating an oasis. From the chic ambiance to the tranquil soundscapes that carry you away from the day's bustle, every element is harmoniously synchronized for your serenity. And oh, the scent of cleanliness? Simply divine! Prepare to be charmed by a lavatory experience that's nothing short of five-star

  • Baby Changing Table

    Experience ease and convenience at our family-friendly facility with our handy baby changing tables. We understand that you're not just a supporter, you're a super Ninja parent, balancing life while cheering on your children's adventurous ninja spirits. Revel in the comfort of our pristine and private bathrooms designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Join us for an experience that celebrates and supports your entire family's growth and fun - because even heroes deserve a little help sometimes! 🌟✨


    Fueling ninjas for success! Our vending machine is stocked with a variety of healthy snacks, carefully chosen to promote strong and nourished bodies. No harmful options here – just tasty alternatives that go beyond the ordinary vending machine fare. Keeping our ninjas healthy and strong is our top priority!

  • Fitness Center

    The Fitness Center is your one-stop destination for achieving a great workout. we offer a variety of equipment including treadmills, Peloton bikes, cables, weights, and more exclusively for adults. You'll have everything necessary to push yourself to your limits, leading to rapid gains in strength and endurance.


    Our special wall highlights memorable achievements from competitions, events, and personal milestones. It's a visual celebration of our community's successes and the journey of growth and accomplishment we share

  • Main Gym

    Step into our Main Gym, where the action unfolds for all ages 6 and up! This vibrant space is the heartbeat of our classes and events, offering an inclusive environment for everyone to thrive. Join us as we turn moments into memories, creating a dynamic hub for fitness, fun, and skill-building. Let the excitement begin!

  • Spectator High Tops

    Parents, we understand your busy schedules. That's why we've set up desks and stools, allowing you to bring your laptop and work comfortably while your kids are enjoying their class.

  • Water Fountain

    We provide a water fountain to keep the kids hydrated during class. Remember to bring a reusable water bottle so they can easily refill whenever needed.

  • Lockers

    To enhance your experience, we've provided exclusive lockers ensuring that your ninja gear, from the shoes that power your balance to the supplies that fuel your progress, are securely housed at the gym. This privilege is specially reserved for our esteemed Elite and Rec team members, as a testament to their commitment and passion for the art of ninja training. Join us and elevate your ninja journey with the convenience and security of personalized storage at Jumptwist.

  • Ninja Lounge

    The Ninja Lounge offers an ideal spot for families and friends to witness the ninja magic! Whether it's a regular class, a thrilling event, or a fierce competition, gather around on our comfortable couches to cheer, encourage, and provide unwavering support as your ninjas display their skills.

  • Bleachers

    Experience the thrill of the action from the best seat in the house at Jumptwist Ninja's spectator area! Our stadium-style bleachers offer an unbeatable view of the Main Gym, perfect for larger groups to enjoy together. We understand the dedication of hard-working parents, which is why we've designed multiple seating options to cater to your comfort as you support your young athletes. Join us for an exciting day where you can witness the energy and enthusiasm of every jump and twist!

  • Character Building Steps

    These steps lead you from the ground level spectator area to the mezzanine and mini gym. These steps each have a character building trait that our academy students learn and practice while ranking up our levels system. Become inspired as you move throughout the gym!

  • Complimentary Coffee

    We offer a self-serve coffee station to help you stay fueled with energy as your day unfolds. Enjoy a quick pick-me-up while your child has a blast in class!

  • Mini Gym

    Welcome to our Mini Gym, designed for little ones from walkers to 5 years old! Here, our dynamic classes and Mini Camps create an engaging space where your children not only burn energy but also learn essential skills. It's more than just fun; it's where young minds tackle obstacles, gaining practical experiences they can carry into the real world. Let the adventure and learning begin!

  • Mezzanine

    The mezzanine offers a clear view of all the action in the main gym and even provides glimpses into our mini gym. With plenty of seating available, you can comfortably watch or catch up on work while enjoying your surroundings. Grab a coffee and snack from the vending machine, and savor the moment as you make the most of your time in this versatile space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our facility

Can I come in to tour the gym?

Absolutely! Please check our hours of operations before stopping by. When you come for the first time, we'll give you a tour of the gym, share information about our programs, and show you where everything is.

How long do items stay in the lost and found?

We clean out and donate the items in the lost and found at the end of the month. Please claim. Your belongings before then and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Do we always have the same snacks in the vending machine?

We consistently offer a variety of healthy snacks, occasionally introducing new options while ensuring they remain nutritious choices.

Do You have an elevator?

At present, our facility does not feature an elevator. We ensure that our ground floor is fully accessible for individuals requiring wheelchair access or for those who prefer not to use the stairs. This area includes a dedicated spectator space for your comfort and convenience.