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Adult Team

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Welcome to Adult Team!

( Invite Only )

Elevate Your Ninja Journey with the Adult Team, a dynamic fusion of physical fitness and obstacle training. Guided by our coach, Flip Rodriguez, a 14x American Ninja Warrior, you'll embark on a path to develop the skills necessary for success in the world of obstacle competitions.

Team practice is designed to push your limits with challenging obstacles, helping you become a more formidable ninja with each session. Whether your goal is to compete on American Ninja Warrior, in World Ninja League competitions, take on Spartan races, conquer OCR challenges, or simply build strength, we've got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from the Adult Team?

What is the Adult Team?

The Adult Team is an invite only competitive ninja team. We have a tight group pushing eachother to be our best and having fun at the same time! Coach Flip leads the team through weekly practice, we travel across the state to various ninja competitions throughout the season ending over the summer with regional and then world finals at different locations across the country each year.

Do I need experience to join the Adult Team?

Yes, the Adult Team is invite-only based on space and your current skills. The best way to join would be to start taking the adult classes and talk with the coaches. Introduce yourself and express interest and the coaches will be able to evaluate you!

How often do you train?

The team currently practices Monday and Wednesday nights with course runs on Saturday mornings. Open gym is also always available for training.

Is there a team uniform?

Yes, we have custom team shirts that will be available for purchase before each season at the front desk.