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Flip, Fly, and Master Skills With Ninja & Gymnastics!

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Welcome to Ninja Nastics™ 

We have masterfully combined the exhilarating world of obstacle ninja challenges with the time-honored discipline of gymnastics fundamentals. Our mission? To empower your children to become stronger, more coordinated, and ultimately, more confident individuals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Ninja Nastics?

This class is half ninja training and half gymnastics. We combined the two disciplines to create our trademarked class: Ninja Nastics!

Does my child need gymnastics experience?

Nope! This is an intro to gymnastics teaching the fundamentals such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels, back bends, and more!

What should my child wear?

Athletic clothes and sneakers. Leotards are allowed with shorts. Please do not wear overly loose clothing as going upside down can cause a shirt to lift and hanging from heights can also expose underwear. Thank you for covering your children appropriately.

What can I expect during this class?

This class has a rotating curriculum weekly with different gymnastics and ninja focuses. Your child will learn how to run, jump, swing, roll, and more. We stretch, strength train, and have a lot of fun.

Is the class co-ed?

Yes! Everyone is welcome within the age restriction.