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Open Gym

Conquer Obstacles at Your Own Pace

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Welcome to Open Gym!


Discover Freedom and Fun at Open Gym! Step into an extraordinary experience at Open Gym, where ninjas enjoy the liberty to tackle obstacles at their own pace, with the added security of our vigilant coaching team. Our coaches are always present, ensuring safety while providing general guidance when you seek it. For a more hands-on coaching experience, you can explore our classes or opt for a private lesson.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Open Gym and other ninja classes?

This isn't a structured class but open time to have access to our gym and obstacles to practice without younger ninjas running around.

Can I go on the gym floor to spot my child in Open Gym?

Parents can help to spot their children! There is a fee of $5 and the parent must be wearing sneakers and have a waiver signed.

How long is Open Gym?

Open Gym lasts for 1 hour.

What should I wear to Open Gym?

Active clothes and sneakers, preferably with laces. Crocs are not ninja-friendly footwear.

 Can I come in without signing up?

We always recommend signing up ahead of time, as we have limited capacity. If you come without signing up, you will not be guaranteed a spot.