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Mighty Warriors

Mighty Warriors Conquer Obstacles!

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Welcome to Mighty Warriors

*5-6 yrs old
Ready to make the transition from Mini to Mighty? This class is the perfect introduction to the main gym with a smaller class and coaches to safely guide them through the larger obstacles.

Ninjas will grow their technique with hanging, swinging, safety, balance, agility, strength, and more! Our curriculum was created with the safety of our ninjas in mind so that we can properly progress the kids into developing their skills, strengths, and techniques. This class will fine-tune gross motor skills along with enhanced social skills, cooperation and teamwork.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the mini and mighty warriors class?

The mini class is for 4-5yr olds and takes place in our mini gym. The Mighty class is for 5-6yr olds and takes place in our Main gym.

Are there any pre-requisites?

Yes. Students need at least 5 classes in our Mini Gym prior to taking this class.

What is the class capacity?

We only allow 5 students per coach in this class to ensure each child is receiving a hands-on safe and fun experience.

Can my 4 year old join?

No. This class is a 5 year old minimum due to the height of the obstacles and maturity level of the students.

My 5year old takes this class, does that mean she can do the Main Gym Open Gym (6yrs+)?

Yes with a spotter assisting them. A parent, or guardian, or friend over the age of 18yrs old must attend the student throughout the entire open gym. If the 5year old is left alone you will receive one warning, if it happens again, both parties will be asked to leave and there will be no refund for the visit. This can be a very dangerous situation having 5 year olds unattended during a crowded open gym where teens and adults are also training.