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Play, Laugh, and Energize - Game On After School!

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Welcome to FUN AND GAMES!


Embark on a day of excitement with our Fun and Games class! Our games keep young ninjas engaged without overwhelming them. We blend fun with learning. We play games such as The Floor is Lava, Hide and Seek, Ninja-Blizzard-Lava, and more. We teach techniques for overcoming obstacles, all infused with positive motivation. Join us for a dynamic, laughter-filled adventure that builds both skills and confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there ninja training during this class?

No, this class is a chance for our ninjas to just focus on having fun while playing their favorite games!

What is the goal for this class?

After school fun to burn energy and build social connections among the children. The games are attention keeping and movement based to keep your children moving and laughing.

What happens in this class?

In this engaging class, children will participate in a variety of exciting games, including Hide and Seek in the dark, Floor is Lava, Ninja Blizzard Lava, and many more! The primary goal of this class is to encourage socialization, foster new friendships, and provide an outlet for the abundant energy our kids possess.

How long is the session?