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Ninja Fit

Learn Exercise basics and get Ninja fit!

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Welcome to Ninja Fit

Ages 6-12yrs*

Join the excitement of obstacle fitness and fun for kids! We utilize all our fantastic obstacles to keep your kids active and engaged. There are no strength prerequisites to join this class; it's designed for everyone. Our workouts offer multiple difficulty levels, ensuring that your child can participate at their own pace. This isn't an intimidating hardcore workout; it's a welcoming and enjoyable environment where they can push their limits at their chosen intensity. Rest assured, our coaches are seasoned experts in personal and group fitness training.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ninja Fit?

It is a fun and welcoming environment where you can challenge yourself at the level you are willing to work at. The purpose of Ninja Fit is to help develop your child's fundamental strength so that they can do better in all aspects of life. 

What Happens In Ninja Fit?

The class is Tabata Style which means 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for four rounds per movement. Our workouts always have multiple options to best fit the level of difficulty you are looking to get out of this class

Is there a requirement to get into this class?

There is no strength requirement before joining this class, as there is something for everyone