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Team Jumptwist

We work hard, we persevere, we set goals and crush goals, we cheer each other on and celebrate, and mostly…we laugh.

Commitment and Hardwork

  • MINI Team (4-6yrs)

    • 4-6 Years old
    • 6 Month Commitment
    • Practice 1x per week
    • 1 Hour Training Sessions
    • 1x/Month Ninja Night

    Our youngest team which prepares ninjas for competitions early on and sets them up for success. They compete in our monthly Ninja Night for the first step in ninja competition.

  • Rec Team (Levels 8 -10)

    • 12 Month Commitment 
    • Practice 2x per week
    • 1.5hr Training Sessions
    • 1x/month Ninja Night 
    • Local Travel Competitions

    Academy students and pre team ninjas transition to Rec team to begin their competition journey in a safe environment that matches their skill set. They travel locally for competitions as well as compete in our monthly Ninja Night competitions.

  • Elite Team (Levels 11-15)

    • 12 Month Commitment
    • Practice 3x per week
    • 2hr Training Sessions
    • 1x/month Ninja Night 
    • Regional and National Travel Competitions

    The highest level ninjas train with the highest level coaches to compete at the elite level. Families dedicate time for training, competitions and travel. We compete against the best in the world and some of us are the best!

  • Adult TEAM ( 16+YRS)

    • 1 Hour Training Sessions
    • Regional and National Travel Competitions
    • 1x/Month Ninja Night

    Our Adult Team trains under elite coaches for unparalleled excellence. Dedicate time to training, competitions, and thrilling travel experiences.

Levels 8 - 15

Competitive Teams

From Mini Team to Adult Team, we train and prepare for obstacle course competitions. We compete locally, regionally, and Internationally.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I come to a team training without being on the team?

You can only come to a team class if you are on the team or get invited.

How can I get my ninja on the team?

Team membership is by invitation only, and the most effective path to secure a spot is by ascending our level system. The Mini Team, designed for ages 4-7, encompasses levels 4-6. The Rec Team, with levels 7 and above, is open to ages 6-13, while the Elite Team, reserved for levels 10 and beyond, welcomes ninjas aged 6-15.