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Levels Testing

Level Up To Earn The Next Band!

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WELCOME TO Levels Testing!

Level Testing not only measures skills but celebrates progress and achievement. It's the exciting moment when our ninjas get to showcase the goals they checked off and what they've learned in class. Levels are more than just badges; they're a personalized roadmap, highlighting accomplishments and guiding the way forward. We believe in recognizing hard work. As ninjas move up, they not only earn their next-level academy band but also proudly receive a certificate—a tangible testament to their dedication and success in conquering new heights.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this required for the academy?

Yes. In order to maximize your training, our students are grouped by age and level to ensure they are continuously being challenged, learning and growing their skills and strengths. If you decide to not attend level up testing events and your child does not get evaluated to level up, then you cannot access higher level classes.

Why do you have a levels program?

The level system goes beyond advancing ninja skills—it instills discipline and underscores the value of consistent hard work leading to eventual success. This approach ensures that your ninja is not only placed in the appropriate class but is also equipped with the essential skills needed for continuous improvement.

How can I test sooner than the next level up event?

If you're eager for yoru child to progress, you have the option to book a private lesson for further training and evaluation. This personalized session provides individual attention, focusing on the specific skills necessary for your ninja to successfully level up as well as one-on-one testing.

When is my child eligible to test?

There is a total class requirement for each level to ensure the students are properly trained and prepared for their next test. It is also recommended that you check with the coaches to ensure your student is physically ready and able for the test.