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Open Play

run fast, burn energy and make friends

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Welcome to Open Play!

Walkers - 5yrs

Open Play offers the best opportunity for preschoolers to have fun while burning energy. Our coaches are engaging and assist your ninjas playing on obstacles at their own pace. A great start to introduce your child to the mini gym. Once they experience the obstacles and mini gym area, they will be more inclined to focus during a class. Parent’s bond with their children and make new friends

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I help my child?

Yes! We encourage you to bond with your children during Open Play! Each mini ninja is allowed 1 spotter to follow along on the course. This doesn’t mean you can sit on the floor in the gym and check your emails. If you are in the room, you must follow the rules.

Do I need to go into Open Play with my child?

If your child is 3 years or younger, we do ask that a spotter goes on the floor with them to assist. All Spotters are required to wear sneakers and sign a waiver. If your child is between 3- 5 years old, you can watch from our spectator area!

What is the difference between Open Play and other ninja classes?

This isn't a structured class but an open time to have access to our gym, have fun, and run around.

What type of shoes should we wear?

Closed toed sneakers with socks is required for all participants and spotters. Crocs, sandals and boots are not permitted.

Can I bring my baby in the room?

Open play is for children who are able to walk, run, and jump. Babies are not permitted in the Mini Gym during Open Play.

Can parents play on obstacles too?

We are so sorry, but not in the mini gym. Parents are welcome to join Open Gym in the main gym area to enjoy obstacles too!

Can I bring Food and Drinks in the Mini Gym?

No. We ask that all food and beverages remain outside of the mini gym. You are welcome to enjoy food and drinks in our spectator areas.