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Band Levels

Levels 1-7


My son was taking the Jump In classes and having a lot of fun but he wasn’t motivated to work hard until we joined the academy and he began working through the levels program. Now, he’s confident and works hard and can’t wait to reach the next level.

Alana S.


This has been so much fun. I love testing my skills and earning new bands. The goals are attainable and I feel accomplished and proud.

Aran D.

Academy Student

Having a levels program where student can track their skills and strength creates a goal oriented environment and helps them focus and work hard each week. I love being able to help them level up and be a part of their ninja journey.

Dylan M.

Ninja Coach

Developed for Success

Band Levels Program

The origin of this levels program came from Christina Gambino, four time American Ninja Warrior competitor, Elite Gymnast, Gymnastics Judge and Founder of the Jumptwist Ninja Franchise. Christina grew up in gymnastics and transitioned to Ninja after graduating college. She opened the very first Jumptwist Ninja and began building a skill progression chart for Ninja Obstacles similar to the code of points in USA Gymnastics. She updates the requirements as the sport of Ninja and obstacles continue to change.

The Levels program was designed, tested and updated over four years at Jumptwist Ninja Boca Raton, Florida. We have seen this levels program generate great feelings of success and accomplishment for our students and for the parents to see their children grow in Ninja and life. We get to watch these children gain strength and builds their skill sets, while setting goals, and working towards each levels requirements.

There are 15 levels so that the skills are broken down into small achievable goals. This way, even the most beginner Ninja can start feeling the success of leveling up in short amount of time. In life, we rarely celebrate small successes or feel proud of ourselves which is why we take celebrating each step of the journey very seriously. The Level Up Testing events are really special days to show off and celebrate all of our hard work. Of course we want to build high-level ninja athletes, but this levels program is is designed to set our students up for ultimate success.

With a class requirement in place before being eligible to test up a level, we are ensuring the students are properly trained and prepared for the testing events. The band levels program also creates an environment where we can group our classes together by strength, skills and commitment. This way beginners can get the full beginner attention and coaching in one class while the elite ninjas can also get high-level attention and coaching in another class. Splitting the Academy classes by level ensures the student’s environment is a good fit for each of them. Comparison is a real killer in life and it’s important that beginners are not comparing themselves to advanced ninjas leaving them discouraged.

This levels program was created with a goal in mind of building confidence, progressing skills, and strength in a healthy and balanced process. We can all celebrate success together as a team and as a family!


Frequently Asked Questions

When do we receive the first band?

Upon enrollment in our academy, you will be awarded the Level One white wristband, marking the beginning of your exciting journey with us!

When do we receive the next color wristband?

Ninjas earn their next color wristband upon successfully mastering the required skills to level up.

Are ninjas required to wear wristbands to class?

To ensure attendance in the appropriate level class, wristbands are required for check-in.

What if we lose our levels wristband?

Replacement wristbands are available for purchase at our store. You will receive the highest color band you previously attained.