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Teen Ninjas

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Welcome to Teen Ninjas

13-15 yrs old

Teen Ninjas is tailored for both boys and girls to build strength, skills, and confidence. focuses on obstacle techniques and strength training. We incorporate basics to teach our teen ninjas proper ways to run, jump, swing, hang, and have good balance and agility, along with goal-setting skills. We want to prepare our Teen Ninjas for the real world, as this is a pivotal time in their lives for building life skills, teamwork, and lasting friendships while becoming strong and fearless.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teen Ninjas?

This is a fun Jump-In class for ages 13-15 to exercise, learn how to become ninja, and start learning how to overcome obstacles.

Is there any other class for teenagers?

There are no other Jump In classes for teens, but they can join an academy team if they are invited.