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Mini Warriors

Where MINI Climbers Become Big WARRIORS!

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Welcome to Mini Warriors!

4-5 yrs old

We provide a secure and enjoyable environment where children can cultivate valuable life skills through our meticulously crafted curriculum. The Mini Warriors class serves as the natural progression from Ninja Tots. Our primary objective is to develop the physical and mental proficiencies necessary to prepare them for the exciting challenges awaiting them in our main gym downstairs. From swinging and running to jumping, tumbling, and more, children will grasp the fundamental principles of movement and coordination. We also integrate practical life skills, including safe falling techniques, counting, and color recognition, fostering their growth on multiple fronts,


Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear to class?

Comfort is key! We recommend athletic clothing that allows for freedom of movement, such as a t-shirt and shorts or active pants. Sports shoes with a good grip are also necessary to ensure safety when navigating through the obstacles. Closed toed sneakers with socks are required.

What can I expect in the class?

Our curriculum is tailored to engage young minds while promoting physical fitness. Each class incorporates fun and challenging obstacles that build on fundamental movement skills, coordination, and strength, all in a playful and supportive environment. Each week the curriculum changes with our obstacle setup.

Do I need to commit to a monthly bill or class schedule?

No! Our Jump in Programs and packages were made with flexibility in mind for you. You can pay for a single class or purchase a package for serious ninja savings.

Can I show up without registering?

Technically yes, however, we do not recommend it. If the class is full we will not overbook to acomodate you. Our class capacities are set to ensure a safe, positive and fun experience. We highly suggest you sign up for class prior to showing up ensuring you do not disappoint your mini warrior if the class is full.