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Lil' Ninjas

Conquer Obstacles, Learn Discipline, Have Fun!

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Welcome to Lil’ Ninjas

6-8 yrs old

Our Lil' Ninja class is dedicated to safely guiding young ninjas through obstacle fun. We follow weekly curriculum of strength, balance, agility, while ensuring all ninjas are smiling and having fun. Our classes feature skill stations and timed obstacle courses, fostering values such as hard work and cooperation. We create a positive and fun environment. This is a great option if you live far and/or are unable to commit to our academy program.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the curriculum?

Each week our obstacle setup and curriculum changes, so the ninjas are always having fun and being challenged. From hanging, swinging, balancing, climbing, and more, your child will become coordinated and get strong.

How long is the class?

45 minutes.

Do I need to sign up in advance or can I walk in?

Booking in advanced isn’t required, however, if you walk in and the class is full, we will not be able to book you into the class. We strongly recommend signing up before showing up so you do not disappoint your child. We will not overbook a class.

Is there a Free trial?

No. All of our Jump In programs do not require an enrollment, therefore, you pay the Jump In price for each visit, including your first. If you are looking for a free trial class, it would only be for our academy classes since that is a monthly enrollment requirement.

Do I have to commit to a schedule or enrollment to join?

No. The benefit of our Jump In programs is that you can purchase a single session or a package that doesn’t expire so you can book at your convenience. No weekly commitment and no monthly bills.