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where families and friends witness ninja magic


Welcome to our Spectator Area, the perfect vantage point for families and friends to witness the ninja magic! Whether it's a regular class, a thrilling event, or a fierce competition, you can choose to be right by the floor or enjoy an elevated view upstairs. Cheer, encourage, and show unwavering support as your ninjas showcase their skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a space to do work as a parent?

We offer tables in our spectator area, providing a convenient space for parents who wish to bring a laptop or engage in any work while their kids are in class.

Do I have to pay to access the spectator area?

The spectator area is open for free seating during our regular daily classes. However, during special events or competitions, you may need to purchase spectator passes.

Can family members come to spectate my kids class?

Yes, feel free to bring your family along to watch and see how your kids are doing in class. The more support, the better!