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skills progress and challenges intensify!

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Welcome to all ACADEMY 7+

For academy members who have achieved Level 7 and are striving for higher, more advanced skills and levels, this class is designed to propel them forward. Open to kids 6 years old and up, we instill core values of self-reliance, honesty, kindness, gratitude, loyalty, and accountability.

As skills progress and challenges intensify, our curriculum ensures ninjas are well-prepared. We equip them with the tools and knowledge needed to persist in their learning journey, empowering them to conquer any obstacles that come their way.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the curriculum?

Each week our obstacle setup and curriculum changes, so the ninjas are always having fun and being challenged. From hanging, swinging, balancing, climbing, and more, your child will become coordinated and get strong.

How long is the class?

1 hour.

Do I need to sign up in advance or can I walk in?

Booking in advanced isn’t required, however, if you walk in and the class is full, we will not be able to book you into the class. We strongly recommend signing up before showing up so you do not disappoint your child. We will not overbook a class.

Is there a Free trial?

Yes if you are interested in the academy, your first class with us will be a free trial since the academy is a monthly enrollment requirement.