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The Jumptwist Story

The Jumptwist Story

Christina Gambino |

 Meet Jumptwist, a name created by a mother and a brand founded by daughter Christina Gambino in 2009. As a former college gymnast and NAWGJ Level 10 Rated Judge, Christina's passion for jumping and twisting led her to create Jumptwist Music, providing competitive music and choreography to the world stage of gymnastics. But that was just the beginning.

In 2017, Christina made an unexpected move - competing on Season 9 of American Ninja Warrior without any prior "ninja" training. This sparked a new chapter in her life as she discovered her true calling as the Jumptwist Ninja. Combining her love for movement with fierce determination, she not only competed on Seasons 9, 10, and 11 of the hit TV show but also opened South Florida's first ever Ninja Gym in Boca Raton.

Despite facing challenges during the pandemic, Jumptwist Ninja has stayed true to its mission: to inspire others to overcome obstacles with strength and courage. Through their infectious positivity and unwavering dedication, this brand has built a strong team that supports each other through it all.

Join us at Jumptwist Ninja as we continue our journey towards spreading love, laughter, strength,and courage through a new franchise - one jump and twist at a time.