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Jumptwist Ninjas Casted in a Commercial

Jumptwist Ninjas Casted in a Commercial

Danielle Barham |

Exciting news from the Jumptwist Ninja Team! Two of our Elite members, Eve Poland and Samantha Mishkin, recently starred in a commercial for Lily's Things Store on Amazon. The commercial showcases their incredible skills and promotes the idea of Bringing the Obstacle Course Home!

The commercial highlights the Double Slackline Course, which brings the joy of outdoor play back into our lives. In a world filled with screens and distractions, this course offers a fun and engaging way to keep kids active. With its patented double slackline setup and a variety of obstacles, it's designed to keep little explorers happy and active for years to come.

We are incredibly proud of Eve and Samantha for showcasing their ninja skills in this commercial. It's amazing to see them take their ninja training from the gym to their own homes and even onto the screen. We can't wait to see what other exciting opportunities await our superstars in the future!

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